Edmund Receives National Attention in Art and Antique magazine Article about  2019 LA Art Show

According to the magazine article, In Perspective, the LA Art Show Jan 23-27 2019 includes a prestigious lineup of  galleries with representative artists  such as David Hockney at Timothy Yarger Fine Art of Beverly Hills and Henry Moore sculptures at Fima Fine Art Sherman Oaks and the "Walter Wickiser Gallery of New York will have works by Soile Yli-Mayri, Finland's most famous women painter and Napa Valley figurative abstractionist Edmund Ian Grant."
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Art & Antique Magaazine article

Getting Famous in China

Edmund Ian Grant winner of the  Biennale of Chianciano 2015  and who world renowned London based art critic and art historian Edward Lucie-Smith has called a  "powerfully original visual artist " continues to grow his world wide reputation as his images are displayed in mainland China. His whimsical painting Kickin' Out the Bouillabaise   the 2014 vintage Amuse Bouche wine art label along with Leroy Neiman's 2013 art  label the Sun Drenched Table ( small image ) are the center piece of an article in  the l'art de vivre  section  of the  04-02-17 Beijing  magazine AirTime.  

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Edmund receives a National critical review of his New York gallery solo show Palookaville in the Huffington Post. The show which ran Oct29-Nov 23 2016 was an extraordinary success with major sales made and a fantastic public response to his artwork; he is honored to be the most viewed artist on the international art site Artsy for the Walter Wickiser Gallery of Manhattan in the month of Nov( over 2000 views )

Just like the world famous art historian and art critic Edward Lucie-Smith, New York art critic D.Dominick Lombardi of the Huffington Post acclaim Grant’s work to be powerful( potent) and compare him to the bold narrative Neo-German Expressionists of the 1960s and Picasso.

A concise synopsis of  Huffington Post

Huffington Post article 11/20/2016 by D Dominick Lombardi  A Trio of Tangents.

Huffington Post Article A Trio of Tangents


Correction: There was a mistake in describing Grant’s painting technique in which he integrates digital elements into his tonal under-painting, the grisaille. There was a simple misinterpretation of his process. The artist does not photograph his studies but employs the Photoshop application to add lines, shapes and repetitive patterns of varying opacities to his original drawings which are then applied to the substrate via a monotype process, the article should read :

Edmund Ian Grant who is one of three that currently employs color to express his observations begins his creative process with a series of studies- preliminary compositions (original drawings). The most inspiring study of the lot is embellished in a Photoshop file with what he calls digital texturing, the multiple layering of digital lines and shapes of differing opacity and / or the addition of repetitive digital patterns he creates. Employing a monotype process, the image is applied to the canvas in nondescript blacks and whites and refined with black and white paint. This leaves the artist any number of opportunities or avenues to either change or enhance the surface with multiple layers of color. The result is quite mysterious……………….


Palookaville solo show at Walter Wickiser Gallery, Manhattan Oct 29- Nov 23 2016

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Essay by renown Art Historian and Art Critic Edward Lucie-Smith

Edward Lucie-Smith essay on Edmund Ian Grant Art

Famed Napa Valley Amuse Bouche Winery honors Edmund Ian Grant's art selecting his work for label and Limited Edition Litho

During 2015, Edmund's work is selected for the label and limited edition lithograph for the 2014 vintage for the Amuse Bouche Winery .The Winery owned by the legendary Napa Valley winemaker Heidi Barrett and entrepreneur partner John Schwartz. Edmund joins an elite group of artists who have produced labels and Lithos for the brand including LeRoy Nieman, Wayne Thiebaud, George Rodrique of Blue Dog fame, Guy Buffet, Steve Kaufman ( Andy Warhols protégé ), Ira Yeager  and Hollywood legend Tony Curtis. 

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Collectible wine and collectible art come together to create Amuse Bouche Napa Valley Red Blend, a joint wine venture with Heidi Barrett and John Schwartz.

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Critical Essay  by Robert Metzger PhD art historian , Director Emeritus of the Reading Museum of Pennslyvannia


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West Hollywood Today LA Art Show 20th Anniversary Exhibit Jan.14, 2015

 Incudes images of Edmund ian Grant artwork along with work by Damien Hirst and several others as representation of work at show


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Silicon Valley Contemporary  April 10-13. 2014  

 Incudes images of Edmund  Ian Grant artwork along with work by Willem de Kooning and several others as representation of work at show  


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Napa Valley Life Magazine article Most Intriguing of 2014


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Press release by the  Napa Valley Museum for solo show Jazzland and Other Stories 2013  in conjunction with first USA museum show of famed jazz trumpeter Miles Davis artwork Art of the cool


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 Napa Register article Dec. 2011 two award winning Napa valley Painters


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Art Press 24  Art lovers flock in their thousands to the Biennale of Chianciano 2013

 article includes reaction to Edmund ian Grants work


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 Art Press 24  Edmund Ian Grant Brings Music to the Biennale of Chianciano with his Art,Fabienne Baeriswyl                                            


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