Edmund Ian Grant

Midtown 48th and Lexington on Nov3 2016 Opening night of
Palookaville at the Walter Wickiser Gallery, 210 Eleventh Avenue Suite 303, New York , NY
Chrysler building in the distance

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60" x 40"
acrylic on Canvas
From  L to R   Here's That Rainy Day
Palookaville, The Messenger at the
Walter Wickiser Gallery
Edmund Ian Grant gettin' the vibe from
 Here's that Rainy Day
From L to R  The Messenger, Urban Warrior, , 
Venetian Dream
The Artist and the show's Namesake
Main Gallery space with
Urban Warrior , Venetian Dream 
and The Fix Is In
The Fix Is In
The Fix Is In and Hip Hop
Walter Wickiser and Edmund Ian Grant
with Hip Hop
The Stain of Humanity
Walter Wickiser and The Stain of Humaniy
Show is on- great response
The show was packed Venetian Dream was admired
by all
The Fix Is In was a huge hit
Blowin' out the good vibes is
  Tossin' Dem Bones