Edmund Ian Grant

Edmund Ian Grant is a critically acclaimed internationally

collected award-winning artist who has been immersed

in his craft for nearly thirty years. He lives and paints in

the Napa Valley at his Art Villa nestled in the Soda Canyon.

His initial foray into the arts was through

music - a saxophone player exploring the world of jazz.

This musical influence gives his work a lyrical rhythmic

quality. His distinctive style is his utilization of vivid

imagination, compelling story telling and innovative

use of color.




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Edmund’s extensive exhibitions include

shows in many major USA cities including

Los Angeles,Miami, Dallas and New York,

and in some of the most important European

cities -- Milan,London,Monte Carlo, Venice and

Paris, at the world famous Grand Palais. He

has been represented by such galleries as the

famed Vorpal Gallery of San Francisco and

presently has representation in Manhattan

and London.



Urban Warrior 60 x 40 at the Biennale of Chianciano 2015

Among his numerous awards is the coveted Leonardo Award,

First Prize in painting, the top honor at the

International Biennale of Chianciano 2015,120 artists

from 40 nations , held at the Chianciano Museum of Art

in Tuscany Sept 6-13 . Edmund’s works have been exhibited

along with some of the world’s top galleries at many prestigious

art fairs, including The LA Art Show, Art Monaco and

Concept Art Fair, Miami during Art Basel week billed by

the shows producers as a showcase of 20-21st century masters.



Palookaville  60 x 42 Acrylic on canvas
 from the On the Water Front Series

Palookaville at the LA Art show 2015


Edmund Grant's Palookaville

honored to be one of eight

images, including an image

by World renown artist

Damien Hirst, choosen by

West Hollywood Today for

an article about LA ART

show 2015

Top galleries nationally

and from around the world

see article and image

of Grant and his work

click on link below


West Hollywood Today article about LA Art show 2015

The Messenger  60 x42 acrylic on canvas

 from the On the Water Front Series


Robert P. Metzger PhD. art historian, art critic and Director Emeritus

of the Reading Museum of Pennsylvania experiences Grant’s work

to be “…hauntingly compelling narrative paintings (which) are

psychologically edgy and expressionistic….” his paintings…. recall artists

of the early 20th century such as German Expressionist painter

Ernst Kirchner and school of Paris Spanish sculptor Pablo Gargallo”

While Italian Art Critic, Salvatore Russo, impassions, A Maestro…

prophesies of Edmund Ian Grant are born on canvas achieving

international resonance.”

Out of the Bottle  52 x 38 oil on canvas  


This work was on display

at the Palazzo Albrizzi  in Venice, Italy

at the Triennale of Venice, Freedom in the Art,

Natura nutrix- Homo vorax

running concurrently with the  56th Venice Biennale

May 10 - November 24, 2015

Enchanted Forest 58 x 38 framed Oil on canvas mounted on board


This work was on display
at the Palazzo Albrizzi in Venice,Italy

at the Triennale of Venice, Freedom in the Art,

Natura nutrix- Homo vorax

running concurrently with the 56th Venice Biennale
May 10 - November 24, 2015

The Tray 40 x 30 acrylic on board

"His works are characterized by a certain signature of

sensuality with bold and lush colour that leave room

for one's own interpretation. The use of strong colour,

experimentation, new media and the different elements

of lines and sensuality give his work depth and the meaning

behind the work can often only be seen after a second look."


                                                                          Fabienne Baeriswyl  

                                                        Artpress 24                                    

The Fisherman  60 x 42 Acrylic on canvas


In October 2015, Edmund was chosen to produce a label

for the Amuse Bouche winery owned by the legendary

winemaker Heidi Barrett and John Schwartz. Edmund joins

an elite group of artists who have produced labels for the brand

including LeRoy Nieman, Wayne Thiebaud , George Rodrique

of Blue Dog fame, Guy Buffet, Steve Kaufman ( Andy Warhols protégé ),

Ira Yeager and Hollywood legend Tony Curtis.

“We chose Grant’s work specifically to be on display

during Miles Davis: The Art of Cool because Grant’s art

can be viewed as the visual manifestation of jazz

– a perfect accompaniment to Davis’ exhibition,”

Kristie Sheppard, Napa Valley Museum’s Executive Director.


The Practice Session 48 x 24.5 Oil on Board

Harvest Song 40 x 30 acrylic and acrylic resin on canvas


Nevia Capello curator of the Palazzo Albrizzi of Venice  Italy

called Edmund's work  " Visual art between music and poetry "

His work is in numerous catalogues and publications and

has been included in the Book Segnalati 2013 by the Italian art critic

Dott. Salvatore Russo; juried into the German art book

Internationale Kunst Haute both 2014 and 2015 editions

and can be found in the juried book American Art Collector 2011- 2016 editions.

Frames of Time  68 x 86 Acrylic on canvas


During April of 2014 Edmund exhibited with

the Walter Wickiser Gallery at the International

show Silicon Valley Contemporary.

The “Contemporary” show consisted of

forty top-flight galleries from across

the USA, Asia and Europe. Grant’s work

was chosen by ArtBusiness.com along

with a Willem de Kooning as one

of several works to represent all

the works at the highly regarded

Silicon Valley show.

To see article and pictures click on link


Artbusiness.com article on Silicon Valley Contemporary

Approaching Gotham Acrylic on canvas 60 x 45

Currently, Edmund is represented by

the renown Walter Wickiser Gallery

of Manhattan, NY, the Gagliardi Gallery,

one of the oldest contemporary galleries

in London, and Villa Spankadellik his

Art Villa on Soda Canyon Rd. in the Napa Valley
To arrange for a gallery visit

at Villa Spankadellik call 707-257-7379

or email edgrant@hughes.net
to see more of Edmund’s work go to www.edmundiangrant.com